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Bulldog puppies


The Joy of a bulldog

Posted on 31 July, 2011 at 11:51
I have had such a fantastic experience with the last two litters of puppies. I have gotten the opportunity to meet some of the neatest people through my bulldogs. Breeding time is a special time for me. I enjoy picking the male and female I want to breed together, then seeing what the puppies look like. Raise the puppies is fun even thought there is a lot of hard work involved. I get to play with the puppies and cuddle with them anytime I want.  Its great to be able to nurcher them when they are tiny and frail, thats when that special bond is created between you and the puppy. As they grow they start to become fun. They bit your toes and all gang up on you bringing smiles to your face along with a few ouches.They learn to play tugawar and eat on their own. How quick time goes by ,its time for them to go to their new homes. Its diffecult to tell that little puppy goodbye. The bond and the love you have for them has gotten stronger. I have shead a few tears at times wising I would have kept that puppy. I remined myself why I am doing this and its not for me it for that little bulldog and a special family.
 My true sadasfaction is seeing the faces along with the excitment of the the people who buy my puppies. Its very comfuerting for me to beable to bring a little happiness in someones life.
Thank you to my wonder buyers that have given my little baby bullies that special home with lots of love.

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