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Bulldog puppies


My Sweet Charlie

Posted on 5 August, 2011 at 22:49
   My sweet Charlie
It will be a year on the 8 of August. That was the day I lost a very special companion he was my close friend and my inspiration. His name was Charlie. Charlie was a white English bulldog that was never meant to live. He had neurological problems plus his spine was crooked. Charlie had so many problems, but he was a fighter.  I was told that Charlie would never walk, he not only walked he ran. I was told it was just a matter of time and his life would be over, but to everyone’s surprise he lived almost two years.
 If you were lucky to have met Charlie you would have known how special he was. He was a happy dog that made every day of his life worth living. Life wasn’t always easy for Charlie but you would have never guessed it. Charlie was so full of life and love.  He loved to play tug a war with the other dogs and steal my granddaughter’s Barbie’s he would run behind the toilet with them so no one knew what he as up to.  
 Each day he challenged himself and each day he would succeed. I would sit and watch him play in his favorite spot, a flower bed that was never finished. I look at that spot each and every day, wishing Charlie was still there rolling around in the dirt, playing while the sun shining down on him.  
 Charlie got to experience snow during his short life. The snow had brought him such excitement; you could see the happiness he felt. He ran and played until his body could go no longer.
Charlie was a miracle he was my miracle, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to call him mine. We were together when he was born and we were together when he died.
My sweet Charlie taught me to appreciate every day of my life no matter how difficult it could be. He taught me to be a fighter and never give up but most important he taught me how to love him.
I Love You My Charlie and think about you every day.

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