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Bulldog puppies


Pet Scam

Posted on 8 January, 2012 at 14:03
What some people wont do to make a buck specially at someone else expense.
I just had someone list a few pictures of my puppies on ebay classifieds trying to scam someone out of 700.00 rrrrrrr....... (This problem was solved I hope for all involved)
Through my bulldog business I have had the opportunity to talk to several good people that just have wanted to add a bulldog to their family, sadly they had been scammed.
This has me worried I don't want my dogs or myself to be used in someone else's fraudulent activates.
I must be naive I have a hard time comprehending how some people can be so greedy and dishonest over a few bucks.
This has not been my first dealing with someone out to screw me or someone else.
I had hired a transport company to transport one of my dogs to their new owner.
I had paid this transport company 550.00 to provide this service. I had put my trust in them.
Well they never showed up. I would wait and wait and wait then they would call "sorry we need to change your pickup date" they just kept changing the dates seems like this went on forever.
Finally, after give them opportunity after opportunity to provide the services I had paid for I canceled their services and requested my money back.
In the mean time I needed to get this dog to my buyer.
I had to hire someone else I paid them 450.00 to get the dog to her new home (they were fantastic by the way).
Now get this that transport company that I canceled said nope we are not giving your money back.
I've had to get visa involved who knows what's going to happen.
Are these people greedy or what? they get paid for a service they never provided.
I put out a total of 1000.00 to do what right taking care of my buyer.
I love English bulldogs, I love the breed I'm not out to screw anyone.
I breed bulldogs because I get the joy out of being able to share the bulldog breed with others.
If I could I would give my dogs away but its just not possible.
Most bulldog breeders would agree its not easy raising and breeding a bulldog and it can be very costly doing so.
I will never understand how honesty can be so hard for some people.
Sadly, we have people out to scam, the puppy mills and animal neglect
Just for money what is this world coming to?
What happened to intregrity and the love of an animal?
Somewhere along the way some people have forgotten the happiness an animal can bring.
A bulldog has a heart and a mind they feel feeling good and bad they are able to feel happiness and pain joy and sadness.
Why make it hard for a person just looking for a bulldog to love and care for that want to provide then a home.
Most buyers have saved for a long time to buy a bulldog they dont have all kinds of money and they have to trust someone.
My thoughts are if you want to buy a bulldog from me and are willing to give them a good home fantastic.
But if you dont want to buy one of my bulldogs thats ok to. I dont need to lie to you to get you intrested in my dogs.
I am not going to tell you how much better my bulldog are then other bulldogs.
They are just bulldogs, my bulldogs and they get lost of love and care.
I am responsable for my dogs and I have a responsabilty to my buyer easy as that.
Im sure there are lots of breeders out there that feel the same way I do.
We all need to be more careful as buyer and as breeders to avoid being taken advantage of.

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