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Puppy’s First Day - Your English Bulldog Puppy Comes Home So what do we do to get ready for our English Bulldog Puppy’s first day at home and to make sure he’s as happy, healthy and comfortable as possible? Read on! Preparing our house First things first - before going to pick up our new English Bulldog Puppy, we need to make sure that our house is ready to receive him. There are lots of details to attend to when puppy-proofing our house, but the short version is:

  • Do our best to move all cords and wires out of reach, or close off areas where we can’t.
  • Make sure all trash cans have lids, or are put away, and get rid of any dangerous liquids (like cleaning supplies) and chocolate.
  • Check your house plants to make sure they aren’t poisonous to your bulldog pup.
  • Put away everything on floors and tables that your pup might reach.
  • Have a few toys laying around for your bulldog puppy to play with. He might not be interested in playing the first day, but if he needs something to chew on or does decide to play the toys will be there.

Figure out where our English Bulldog Puppy is going to sleep Many people like to use a crate for a new puppy, and this can be a good choice. A crate gives the bulldog puppy a private place of his own where he can feel safe. If not using a crate, we have to make sure to put his bed somewhere warm, safe, comfortable, and private. The Ride Home On the trip home, we want to try to have as much physical contact as possible with our new bulldog puppy. That won’t be hard - we’re so excited to have him and he’s soooo cute! If we have a crate for our bulldog puppy, we can take that with us in the car to give him a safe place to ride. Put some towels or blankets in the crate for our English Bulldog Puppy to curl up in, and have someone sit in the back seat next to the crate so the puppy doesn’t feel too alone. Don’t feed the puppy on the way home. If it’s a long trip, make sure to stop every hour or two to give the bulldog puppy a chance to relieve itself, and when you stop give the puppy a chance to drink some water.

a bit of water every 2 hours.

Arriving home This is the day we’ve been waiting for! Our new English Bulldog Puppy has arrived at his new home. Well, today is all about him and what he wants. Our bulldog puppy needs to feel comfortable and safe today, so we won’t be leaving him alone. First thing after getting home, give the pup an opportunity to relieve himself in a quiet place. Don’t forget to praise him when he goes. Then, give him as much water as he wants. We’ll wait to give our bulldog puppy some food after he has explored his new home for a little while and is feeling more comfortable. Give our bulldog puppy time to explore Ok, this is hard with a new bulldog puppy - we need to limit our puppy-holding! Our puppy needs to explore his new surroundings and get used to all of the interesting new sites and sounds. I know we want to hold him all the time, but we have to limit ourselves (at least for this first day!) and let him do his thing. If possible, we want our bulldog puppy’s new home to be quiet while he explores. Loud noises can be scary! Once he gets more comfortable, we can introduce him to all the various sounds of our home. The best way for our bulldog puppy to get co comfortable is to let him experience his new surroundings how he wants. Let him set his own pace. Of course, we need to supervise him calmly, following him around as looks sniffs and explores. If he comes up to us, we’ll always greet him with affection and attention, but we’re not going to force ourselves on him. Be Calm We’ll earn his trust by trying to avoid out burts - especially anger. He’s a baby - if he gets into something he shouldn’t it’s because he doesn’t know any better. He needs us to be consistent all of the time so that he can trust us. Make sure he has the opportunity to relieve himself. If he didn’t take care of it when you first got home, take him outside every 20-30 minutes until he does. Once he starts to feel more comfortable, we’ll give him some food. When he’s finished eating and/or drinking, we’ll take him right outside again to relieve himself. If you have another dog, you’ll want to let your new English Bulldog Puppy meet him in an outside area, and let them get comfortable with each other before bringing them in the house together. We’ll skip any training on this first day. This is just a day for our English Bulldog Puppy to meet everyone and get comfortable with his new surroundings. We’re also going to avoid taking him out too much today. We’ll take him out to do business, but today is mostly about getting comfortable and feeling safe.If you enjoyed this article, please visit for more terrific English Bulldog information.

This was one of our family member: We called her Old Lady. The poor girl was found wondering the streets. She was partially blind and couldn't hear very well. It was a good thing that a kind man had found her and took her into the vets office. I was called and asked if we would be interested in bringing her into our home. Of course we where how could we have resisted a face like that? She was a sweet loving girl and for the two year she was part of our family we were glad for the opportunity to get to know this kind loving soul.

Old lady pasted on in the summer of 2012